Welcome to CAPRE Homes.  Our Real Estate Professionals make quality homes available to you and your family at a competitive cost.  Our properties are professionally maintained to ensure a pleasant living experience.  We don’t rent properties, we rent homes.  Our comprehensive service handles the responsibilities and headaches of property management with courtesy and efficiency—at the most competitive rental rates in town.

We have built a strong foundation of property management fundamentals and guidelines to help maximize the living experience of our customers and the community.  Being proactive, being responsive, and using qualified vendors is the basis of our maintenance program.  With CAPRE Homes, we strive to provide you with a home of comfort and convenient. We have a comprehensive team which aims at providing quality services.

Please review the posted properties to determine if any available homes will meet your needs. Feel free to contact our Property Manager, Pam, with any questions at 678-348-6338.